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Caress of the Gaze

gaze-reactive garment Library Development, Reactive Animation & Robotics Programming collaborator: Behnaz Farahi

Behnaz Farahi’s Caress of the Gaze is a dress that changes shape when people look at it, exploring social issues such as intimacy, gender and personal identity. It has been featured by outlets including Wired, CNN, The Guardian, BBC News, Engadget, and CNET.

I developed the control software for the final iteration of the dress. Along the way, I…

  • created a reusable C library to communicate with a privacy-preserving face tracking camera, which I’ve since used on many other projects
  • worked closely with Behnaz to design reactive procedural animations driven by gaze-tracking data
  • learned how to control shape memory alloy actuators that expand and contract like muscles