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I ♥ learning, collaborating & teaching.

I craft systems with & for people.

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Living Cloud

dynamically responsive ceiling Simulation & Robotics Programming collaborators: Behnaz Farahi, Sam Adelan, Jen Stein & Scott Fisher

There is a divide between the physical, the rigid world of sensation and direct interaction, and the digital, the fluid world of abstract behaviors and dynamic computation. Over time, this boundary will blur; the digital world will extend into the physical and dynamic media will escape the confines of tiny rectangles in front of our faces. The living and working spaces of the future will adapt to us and our needs.

I created simulations, robotics control tools, and direct manipulation puppetry interfaces to help PhD candidate Behnaz Farahi design the behaviors of the Living Cloud, a dynamic architecture prototype that reconfigures itself in response to people and situations. It’s part of a research project at the University of Southern California’s Mobile and Environmental Media Lab.

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