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Julian Ceipek

I ♥ learning, collaborating & teaching.

I craft systems with & for people.

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exposing spreadsheets' hidden workings IMGUI Development, UX & Compiler Engineering collaborators: Tim Babb, Alice Q Wong & John Keiser

While spreadsheets are the most approachable programming tools, their design hides the underlying calculations and relationships between cells. What if the calculations, data flows, and data could all be visible?

Before Lynxtool was acquired by Figma, Lynx was a browser-based visual programming environment for data analysts inspired by internal tools Tim Babb helped develop for movies at Pixar for over 10 years.

As the first hire at Lynxtool, I…

  • designed, implemented, and documented an in-browser rendering engine and immediate mode user interface toolkit (IMGUI) optimized for Lynx’s unique layout and interaction requirements.
  • built Lynx’ in-browser editor from the ground up.
  • enabled users to seamlessly view and edit million-row datasets in the browser by extending Lynx’s LLVM compiler backend with recording and on-demand data streaming.
  • co-developed interview processes and helped hire a designer and a principal backend engineer.
  • collaboratively designed and implemented new user interface paradigms for viewing and editing intermediate calculations.