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Julian Ceipek

I ♥ learning, collaborating & teaching.

I craft systems with & for people.

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emotive display case for Adidas Prototyping, Tools, Protocols, Architecture & Systems Programming collaborators: Behnaz Farahi & Mitch Mastroni

In under 130 hours, I prototyped, architected, and developed the control software for Mesolite, an emotive display case commissioned by Adidas and designed by Behnaz Farahi. I used tricks from game development to reduce iteration bottlenecks and improve performance 20x.

Along the way, I…

  • learned how to use a Raspberry Pi and used it to create a wifi-enabled realtime monitoring and simulation interface
  • learned about servo motors and built a 30-second calibration tool using the dials on a MIDI controller
  • empowered a procedural animator, Mitch Mastroni, to orchestrate the individual and collective behavior of over a thousand color-changing lights in realtime based on the positions and facial expressions of nearby observers
  • designed protocols to coordinate communication between four microcontrollers and a Raspberry Pi