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I craft systems with & for people.

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Returning the Gaze

feminist fashion show installation Design, Tools & Systems Programming collaborator: Behnaz Farahi

Returning the Gaze is a robotics installation by Behnaz Farahi, supported by Universal Robots, and commissioned by fashion label ANNAKIKI for its cyborg-themed Milan Fashion Week 2022.

I worked closely with Behnaz to develop the high concept of the project: a fashion model cybernetically enhanced rather than controlled by technology stares back at an audience primed to be the watchers at a fashion show. We prototyped many different design directions before creating what Georgina McWhirter of Interior Design calls

a clever investigation of the fashion industry’s history of complicity with objectification.

My technical roles on the project included…

  • learning the proprietary Universal Robots programming language, URScript
  • designing and implementing safe multithreaded robot control code and a system to drive and synchronize the behavior of four robotic arms moving fluidly in close proximity to a human performer
  • creating tools to help Behnaz record, simplify, and compose robot animations using a 6-DOF VR controller