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Julian Ceipek

I ♥ learning, collaborating & teaching.

I craft systems with & for people.

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The Under Presents

immersive live theater in virtual reality Architecture, Systems Programming, Tools & Matchmaking Server collaborator: Tender Claws

The Under Presents is an ambitious immersive multiplayer live theater game experience backed by Oculus and created by Tender Claws. It was featured at Sundance Film Festival and Indiecade and developed a dedicated online community. The Under Presents was Tender Claws’ most ambitious project to date and its first time making an online multiplayer experience.

I taught myself the Go programming language and used it to create the game’s matchmaking server, online administrator portal, and live actor management interface from the ground up, carefully documenting the rationale behind every implementation decision along the way.

I had many other roles on the project, including…

  • creating a production-ready user interface for improv actors to manipulate shared virtual environments, on which I presented at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in 2019
  • leading the development of a specialized non-linear sequence editor for interactive narratives with motion capture, inspired by video editors
  • implementing multiplayer object manipulation with support for seamless transitions between online and offline play
  • designing and implementing multiplayer harassment mitigation strategies
  • managing and mentoring junior developers
  • building tools for writers to visualize screenplays as 3d animatics
  • optimizing game systems to run at 72 FPS on the original Oculus Quest hardware
  • architecting the game’s player input/haptics system